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Access Intermediate

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: Access 2016-2019-365
Version Used in Class: Access 365
Course Materials: FREE
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

Use Table View, Design View, and/or Table Templates to create tables. Add, format, move, and delete fields. Work with Primary Key fields. Adjust width of columns, change font/font size of text. Add Default Values (auto-populate fields), Lookup fields (drop-down lists), and Input Masks (example: include parentheses and dashes in a phone number field) to speed up data entry and improve accuracy. Add Validation Rules to protect the integrity of your data and limit mistakes. Import Excel data into an Access table. Link data from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table so changes made in Excel are reflected in Access table.


Create forms based on existing tables. Enter, edit, and sort data in forms. Change background color of form, move and resize fields, add text labels and graphics.


Add buttons to forms to run macros
Add drop-down look-up fields to forms
Change Properties of fields
Place Calculations in Headers and Footers
Work with Layout View to design a form
Add Controls to a form
List Boxes
Combo Boxes
Option Groups


Learn different ways to calculate numbers and summarize data.

Calculate Numbers in Tables & Queries
Add Calculated Fields (Expressions) in Forms & Reports
Summary Query or Table


Create Mailing Labels for a Word Mail Merge
Create Pivot Tables
Create Pivot Charts
Save Forms as Reports

For more information call: 858.578.9476